Monthly Archives: October 2013

Brandenburg Wal-Mart Wedding

Couple Jumps the Broom at Wal-Mart

Next time you're sulking over a break-up go hit your local Wal-Mart--you may find your soulmate. That's what happened to Wayne Brandenburg of Shallotte,...

Bounce House Owner Faces 11 Years for Stealing $600k From Friend Away at Rehab

Vincent Robert Eppstein's lavish four-year spending spree came to an end after his friend discovered he spent nearly all her money while away at...
Swisher Sweets

Man Punches Female Clerk Over Swisher Sweets and 41 cents

What a coward--mad because he couldn't afford a $1.41 Swisher Sweets cigar. Should have thought about that before buying your weed! He shouldn't be...
Biker Gang Assault

Biker Gang Brutally Beats NY Man In Front of Wife and Child

Alexian Lien, 33, of New York decided to celebrate he and his wife's first wedding anniversary by enjoying a nice ride around the city--never...

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