54 Year-Old Man Arrested for Exorcism on 80 Year-Old Girlfriend



David Edward Benes of Florida was arrested for trying to perform an exorcism on his 80 year-old girlfriend of 3 years. What started as altercation between the two lovebirds turned into a two-day drinking binge and two exorcism attempts.

According to police, the woman awoke to Benes pinning her down in an attempt to “get the devil out of her.” Benes also banned his girlfriend from leaving the house; and just to make sure she stayed put — he broke the garage door opener, took her car keys and removed the batteries from their phones, reports the Daily News.

The woman called 911 after Benes tried a second exorcism on her. Benes is currently being held without bail and faces charges of battery on a person 65 years or older and false imprisonment.

He also needs to be charged for being  a 54 year-old man with an 80 year-old girlfriend!

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