Armed Robbers Hospitalized By Would-be Victims

Gerald Allen and Johnny Calderon
(Left) Gerald Allen, (Right) Johhny Calderon Jr.
Gerald Allen and Johnny Calderon
Gerald Allen                                  Johnny Calderon Jr.

Most seasoned armed robbers go in and get what they want in a nobody-move-nobody-gets-hurt fashion. However, Johnny Calderon Jr., 19, and Gerald Allen, 18 clearly ain’t bout that life.

The dynamic duo learned a valuable lesson from their would-be college student victims during their latest armed robbery attempt which ended with taking a trip to the local hospital before finally being carted off to the pokey.

Both youngins took a Martin Payne versus Tommy Hitman Hearns styled beat-down, knots, eyes swollen shut and all. According the NBC29, the two crime-fighting University of Virgina students are doing just fine.

Calderon and Allen are due in court on multiple charges including attempted robbery.

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Read more on the NBC29 story here.

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