Bounce House Owner Faces 11 Years for Stealing $600k From Friend Away at Rehab



Vincent Robert Eppstein’s lavish four-year spending spree came to an end after his friend discovered he spent nearly all her money while away at a long-term rehab treatment facility. Entrusted to manage the victim’s finances, Eppstein did the opposite–and when confronted he responded by transferring his friend’s the remaining $750 into his account. 

But to make sure he finished the job of screwing over his former friend, Eppstein made sure to bring the victim’s account balance to zero by writing himself a check for the last 60 cents, filling out the check’s memo line with: “Have a nice life.”

Reported purchases include multiple Harley-Davidson motorcycles; a fleet of Segways; a diamond engagement ring; a Rolex watch; vacations to Las Vegas, Florida and Hawaii; and, generously, tickets for a friend to travel to Brazil. He is also accused of refinancing two of her properties and selling a third.

The total amount allegedly embezzled: more than $600,000. According to a release from the Santa Clara District Attorney’s Office, the victim had inherited the money so that she could care for her mentally disabled mother.

Eppstein will find out his fate during his upcoming sentencing from charges including–three counts of grand theft and one count of fraud against a dependent adult, all felonies.


Some friend!

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