CNN Anderson Cooper Interivews “Affluenza” Psychologist

Ethan Couch - Affluenza
Screenshot from ABC affiliate WFAA

The uproar behind the newly coined term “affluenza” is more than a debate about a new addition to the English language — the debate rather is centered on Ethan Couch, a 16-year-old affluent teen who’s drunken joyride left four people dead. That same Ethan Couch will not receive as little as a sneeze lapse of jail time for his actions. Why? Well it’s quite simple — according to Dr. G. Dick Miller, the defense-called psychologist who labeled Couch a victim of parental success, money and affluence — affluenza — believes the 16-year-old did not know any better.

Instead of receiving a “Go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200” 

Monoploy Go To Jail Card
Parker Brothers

Ethan already passed go because he doesn’t need jail, he’s too good for that, his family’s money is way too good for that; and he damn sure doesn’t need your $200 — what is $200? — Ethan will instead spend a year in a “in-patient rehabilitation facility” that carries an affluent price tag of $450,000 a year. It doesn’t look like Ethan will be learning his lesson anytime soon, especially when people like Dr. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Money Bags and a judge all have the same favorite color — green.

Watch Anderson Coopers interview with Dr. Miller

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