Couple Jumps the Broom at Wal-Mart

Brandenburg Wal-Mart Wedding

Couple Weds at Wal-Mart

Next time you’re sulking over a break-up go hit your local Wal-Mart–you may find your soulmate. That’s what happened to Wayne Brandenburg of Shallotte, North Carolina,  after a few check-out line dates with his favorite cashier, Susan.

Wayne eventually built up the courage to venture outside the four walls of his favorite supermarket and asked Susan on a date.

Wayne asked her out for a Chinese buffet dinner on their first date. She brought along her two daughters and he brought his two granddaughters so that Susan would feel comfortable. Wayne had a full beard and looked like Santa Claus, he said, which made him an easy sell to the kids.

The date went well and Wayne started making and bringing Susan lunch during her shifts.

“He was very much a gentleman, and I looked forward to seeing him,” she said.

Apparently Wayne figured Wal-Mart was the central theme to he and Susan’s relationship–that led to a check-out line proposal and finally a wedding in the lay-a-way section of the same Wal-Mart where he and Susan meet.

In the lay-a-way section though? Youknowbetter!

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