Cowboys Dez Bryant’s New Unscripted Show – ‘The Temper Tantrum’ Premiers on Fox

Dez Bryant

During the Cowboys ‘we-almost-had-em’ loss to the Detroit Lions, receiver Dez Bryant took center stage and gave the world a ticket to his new unscripted show–The Temper Tantrum. Yelling at head coach Jason Garret, quarterback Tony Romo, tight end Jason Witten and anyone else in his path, #88 was out of control–and let’s not forget ‘The Gatorade Table’, the prequel to Bryant’s latest show–it taught us one simply does not throw a tantrum and leave the Gatorade table unscathed. However, no Gatorade tables were harmed during the filming of ‘The Temper Tantrum’.



Dez Bryant Gatorade

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