Mom Behind on Car Payments Asks 11-Year-Old Son to Torch Vehicle, Son Burned in Process



Juanita Carr, a mother in Henderson, Nevada figured she would be better off by committing fraud and making her vehicle disappear for good after falling behind on car payments and being fed up with costly repairs.

Carr then came up with another idea; ask her 11-year-old son to set her van on fire.

The plan ultimately failed, resulting in her son sustaining burns on over 40 percent of his body.

On the way to the location, the woman, as police said, stopped to purchase a one gallon gas can and a gallon of gasoline. Police allege the woman ordered her child to pour gasoline inside the minivan and set it on fire. In the process, the boy’s clothing caught flames, according to police.

After driving to a nearby gas station for help, Carr was arrested and booked on counts of arson, conspiracy to commit arson and child abuse with substantial bodily harm.


The only question left to answered is “why?”

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