O.J. Simpson Caught Stealing Cookies From Prison Cafeteria

O.J. Simpson

O.J. Simpson

From stealing sports memorabilia to oatmeal cookies—O.J. Simpson’s decline is something like a double black diamond ski course. 

The former gridiron great was recently caught pilfering the sweet treats from the cafeteria of his Nevada prison – something which is strictly forbidden.

According to a source, guards noticed the 66-year-old hiding something under his prison clothes as he walked back to his cell after lunch.

When they quizzed him, he revealed a stash of more than a dozen oatmeal cookies, which were then seized.

‘O.J. just stood there with a goofy grin on his face as the guard kept digging inside his shirt and throwing the cookies on the floor’

From murder to his book If I Did It—to a hotel stickup and finally stealing a dozen oatmeal cookies—O.J. has had a good run in his life of crime. However, stealing cookies from the cafeteria has to take the cake.

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