Tennessee Police Officer Fired After Shooting at Squirrel Inside Dollar General

Dollar General

Dollar General
Jody Putnam, a 14-year-veteran Mountain City police officer, is off duty for good after his run-in with a squirrel inside a Dollar General. When called to help a local store owner get rid of  the unwanted rodent, Putnam used his service weapon along with mace and pepper spray to handle the job.

The store owner, Carl Duffield believes Putnam’s help was a bit more than he bargained for – “Shooting back there, of course that should not have been, that should not have happened.”

When asked to give a full report on the incident due to discharging his weapon, Putnam refused.

According to the policy and procedures for the department, whenever an officer fires his gun he must immediately report it to a supervisor, then make a written statement.

“Through a violation of the police department policy Officer Jody Putnam’s employment, as a Mountain City Police Officer, was terminated by the Board of Mayor and Alderman,” said Mountain City Mayor Lawrence Keeble.

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