Trillary Clinton Partners with Dope Boy Rapper, Pusha T for Black Vote

pusha t, hillary clinton
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Hillary Clinton called the plug, Pusha T, to help her bring in the black vote. If you’re not familiar, with over a decade of consistent hits and classics laced with heavy references to supplying fiends and kingpin endeavors, Pusha T is one of the hottest “dope boy” rappers in hip hop.

There are a couple of problems with Hillary’s to connect with Pusha T fans, one, Triallary does not listen to Pusha T, fact! And two, Trillary is in part responsible for massive incarceration of young black men for non-violent drug offenses for exorbitant sentences, many of those who lived the live that Pusha T glorifies in his music. Hillary Clinton knows this and acknowledges her role in the massive incarceration of young black men. Now she wants their vote, wait that’s right can they even vote? They’re convicted felons. Or is it she wants their vote before they potentially lose the right to do so?

Check out Pusha T’s latest single – ‘Drug Dealers Anonymous’ Feat. Jay Z

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