Two University of Alabama Sororities Under Investigation for Discrimination

University of Alabama - Malone Hood Plaza

University of Alabama - Malone Hood Plaza

The deeply rooted racism in Alabama appears to be roaming the University of Alabama campus. According to ABC News, University of Alabama student newspaper The Crimson White published a story alleging sororities Pi Beta Phi and Alpha Gamma Delta of blocking at least two black female students from joining their sororities.

Both girls went through the recruitment process for over a year and were not selected, which was alarming to many. One of the girls seemed like a perfect candidate according the the school paper:

“By any measure, this candidate was what most universities would consider a prime recruit for any organization, sorority or otherwise. She had a 4.3 GPA in high school, was salutatorian of her graduating class and comes from a family with deep roots in local and state public service and a direct link to The University of Alabama.”

In statements made to ABC News, Pi Beta Phi and Alpha Gamma Delta leadership claim to be taking the allegations seriously and are looking to find the students and alumni responsible.

“Pi Beta Phi leadership is taking this matter very seriously and has begun looking into the allegations cited in The Crimson White article. If any of those allegations are found to be true, those members, alumna or collegiate, will be held accountable for their actions.” – Pi Beta Phi grand president Paula Shepherd

“At Alpha Gamma Delta, we have strong, clear policy against discrimination. We instill that in all of our chapters for all they do, including recruitment. If there’s a question as to whether that policy has been violated, we take it seriously, investigate and intervene appropriately.” – Alpha Gamma Delta executive director Stephanie Sack Bailey

When will the madness stop?

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