When Hiding Meth in Ice Cream Goes Wrong

Steven Fitch - Meth & Ice Cream
Steven Fitch - Meth & Ice Cream

Steven Fitch, a 60-year-old meth addict with a sweet tooth was seemingly en-route to an ice cream party when his plans were spoiled by a Spokane County Sheriff’s deputy. Fitch, with a quart of Dreyer’s vanilla caramel ice cream in tow had a problem on his hands — a bag of meth. The 60-year-old reacted quickly by stashing the meth wrist-deep in his recently purchased ice cream. When approached by the deputy officer, Fitch with a hand covered in a “white, creamy substance” and a clearly visible quart of ice cream in the center console — had “no idea” how the meth got into the ice cream, when queried by the officer.

Fitch was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance, and driving with a suspended license.

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